Thursday, July 03, 2008

Dear Blogging,
You're, like, hard 'n stuff.
I dont think people realize how much it can take out of you, or how much sleep you can loose trying to talk about original and entertaining things. Sorry, joeman17, no one wants to read about your awesomely uneventful trip to the HEB where you saw some dude, your dinner at P.F.Changs where the fried rice was "bomb" then you saw Iron Man and it was, "seriously fucking BAD ASS!!!".
Thats what i dont get, how do these blogs that are updated everyday (with pertinent information), multiple times, exist?
i strive to seriously update more. but it seems nearly impossible to do...if you want a life beyond the computer.
dont even get me started on 'vlogging'.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

dear michelle williams,
i am very excited about your new album. youve come a long way from 3rd fiddle in DC3, to a gospel underling, to finally making fun, pop, radio-worthy jams.
im not sayin' those other feats werent great, but now more of the masses will know you!
ive listened to your new single alot. and now you put out the video:

but, some advice...howz'a'bout you eat a cheeseburger? need some meat on dem bones!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

dear 2 girls 1 cup,
your video has been on the internet for at least a year now, and still i refuse to watch you.
in case people have been living under a rock, or live above a rock without internet access, theyve heard of you. if not, maybe they can google it up.
now, with it being said that i have no desire to be scarred for life, i do however love all the reaction videos floating around.
my favorite has to be this one. from B SCOTT

that about sums it up.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

dear cnn homepage graphic designer,
you obviously have a great sense of humor, and one day i hope to shake your hand.
yesterday, as i clicked to review the top stories, this jem popped up:

I laughed outloud at the perfection of choices for their feelings. HilRod lookin like the sad, ole bulldog she is, and Obamz gleeful and stately.
So to you, Mr.Graphic Designer, i say 'HUZZAH!' and i look forward to more biased and hilarious pictures.

Monday, May 12, 2008

dear miley cyrus,
you are a sure sign im getting old.
i dont understand how you became a pop-tart that dons 8 out of 10 backpacks and lunch-boxes at Wal-Mart. I guess parents nowadays just plop their kids infront of the Disney Channel, and Hannah Montana mesmerizing ensues.
You were interviewed by Jay Leno awhile back, and he said something like, "Good job. You're keepin your head on straight, while all these other party girls are out, runnin around, being stupid. I give you props!"....Umm, in case Mr.Leno didnt realize, youre only 15. you have plenty of time for your life to go down the tubes.
my case and point:
remember when Britneys Rolling Stone cover came out? It was all the news, saying shes too young to be so sexual. *gasp* And here we are now, yet another Disney starlett becoming a lady of the night.
seems all a little overdone.
speaking of 'overdone.'
please tell your dad he's overdoin' it.

the Chi hair straightener, the bronzer, the sunglasses...if i didnt know better, i'd think he was a 16 yr old girl. right in your demographic!!
so, heres to your future, Miles!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

dear duggar family,
i am recently back from a year+ of not blogging. my reason, you ask? i thought i was busy finishing school and focusing on graduation. however, i now realize no one is as busy as this woman: MICHELLE DUGGAR.

this woman baby factory has been preggers for like, the past 11 years. poppin out fetii one after another. so, i thought i was busy, and now i digress.
im strangely fascinated and disturbed by this village/family. there are 17 of you (soon to be 18) and really no signs of slowing down. the family dynamic has to be quite complex.

well, i appreciate the inspiration. let the blogging commence!! '08 stylez!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

dear brian williams,
whenever i watch The NBC Nightly News, you constantly make me feel like a chubby, insecure, uninformed 7th grade girl....i mean, your facial expression constanly reads as, "ummm, like, are you kidding me? concern for the gaza strip is sooo 2005! gaah"

your eyebrows are permanently in the position of either disbelief or worry. i cant really figure it out.
either way, its not comforting to hear about carside bombs, high gas prices, and serial killers when even you dont look too sure about it.
ill stick to katie curic. at least she'll inform me of the end of the world with a short shirt and a damn smile on her face.